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Vacheron Constantin Replica

It's also worth noting that it adds a new dimension of dynamic tension between thinness, muscularity, and wrist feel to Octo models. The Octo models have been known for being extremely wearable, with the new satin-polished piece and the sandblast steel version, in particular, having 'untakeoffability'.

Today, the Finissimo Tourbillon chronograph automatic has entered the stage, which is the Crown Prince of Octo's Octo line. It features an openworked, skeleton movement with a peripheral winding mass. The former allows for the entire piece to be viewed while the latter reduces its dimensions. The Finissimo Tourbillon Chronograph Automat Skeleton combines all the complexity of Octo models into one unit. It's thickness? It measures just 7.4mm. What is the movement? The movement?

Like the Chronograph GMT Automatic Chronograph Finissimo Tourbillon Chronograph Automatic Skeleton hides its functions well. Although it appears to be a two-pusher chronograph with stop, reset,replica watches and start buttons, the chronograph's operations take place on the top pusher.

It is a monopusher chronograph. This requires reconfiguration of the movement's structure, which can be seen on its back. Instead of engaging in a traditional chronograph, the horizontally coupled chronograph engages with tourbillon cage using control via a sliding lever. This slide lever is located under the bridge of the movement. This increases shock resistance and allows the sliding lever to maintain its wafer-thin dimensions while perfectly performing operation.

You might be wondering what the second pusher is for in this case. It's a security device that replaces the screw-down crown. And it does two things. The crown locking system is released to allow you to adjust the time and prevent accidental crown dislodging in everyday use. This is a clever replica It also serves a secondary purpose: it propels the minute hand forward in five-minute increments. This allows for semi-quick adjustment of time when hopping between time zones.

A steel version is likely to be in the works. After all, the material which unexpectedly dominated the luxury watch market in the mid-70s promises Babin that it will play a key role in the future of the men's watches division. He says, "The Octo Finissimo Automatic Steel shows exactly the direction we are heading." "It is time to move on in the sports arena, after Octo has established its status within this sought-after luxury segment.